How to send a request?

You couldn't find a book, study or article in your library? Or do you need material for your diploma work or research? 

If you are a registered patron of a Hungarian library, after registration you can send an interlibrary loan request to the library you are registered at on the document you need via the National Document Supply System's (Országos Dokumentumellátási Rendszer=ODR) homepage (if your library provides this service). 

Your library can get the document (e. g. borrow a book or order a copy of an article or study) from any library in Hungary or even the world via interlibrary loan. Please ask the library you are registered at if they accept requests via the ODR homepage. (If not, then they probably accept requests via their own homepage, personally or in other way.) 

Descriptions and help connected to the ODR services provided for patrons can be found in the For patrons menu's help. Within the Help (for patrons) detailed information about how to send a request can be read here.

If the library you are registered at accepts requests via the ODR homepage, you can send them your request in two ways. 

  • Once you have found the document you need in the MOKKA-ODR catalogue, after login you can send your request on it by clicking the 'ODR request' button above the description of the document.

  • If you couldn't find the document in the catalogue, you can send your request by filling out an empty request form in the 'For patrons - My requests' menu, on the starting page by clicking the 'New empty request form' button.