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Double Your Attraction

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My favorite elements of game are the ones that require a small change, but produce a big impact. One such element is gaming in smaller groups, as well as not talking about yourself when talking to a woman. Both are small elements of game, but they produce a big impact.

You also know that I love to go back, look at my successes with women, and analyze why I was successful. When it comes to game, I don't really believe in chance. In turn, this means that I'm not a big believer in the numbers game or anything just happening due to some random occurrence. When a woman chooses you, it's because of something very specific, whether it's because she loves sex and doesn't really discriminate with who she has sex with, or if you are her specific type of guy, etc. Either way, I just don't believe in the philosophy of approaching x number of random women and one liking you. There is reason behind every woman that chooses you.

Knowing this, I've been analyzing why I seem to have  such a high rate of women hitting on me and calling me hot in day game situations. Afterall, it doesn't seem to be happening to my friends or anyone else. I couldn't accept that it was just random, especially when I know that I am no Brad Pitt. When something keeps occurring like that, then it isn't random.

And then today it hit me. I was out with a couple of friends having drinks during happy hour. I noticed how dressed down they were, but made nothing of it at the time (It also just happened to be one of the days where I was dressed down too, which isn't the norm, FYI). Looking back, in almost all of my day time situations with my friends, they were all dressed down; very casual so to speak.

That's when I started to think about how I would normally dress when I'm going out during the day. If I'm just going to the store, I dress casually, but if I'm going anywhere else, I make sure that I dress my best. Going back to my college classes, social gatherings, and restaurants that I've been to, I was dressed pretty fancy, especially when compared to every other guy that was dressed very casually in old shoes, worn out baseball caps, and drab shirts. I wasn't wearing suits and dress shoes, but I was wearing very nice shoes, jeans, and shirts.

To me, it's now pretty obvious why I get so much attention from women during the day. When every other guy is dressed casually, and I am dressed my best, I just look that much better when compared to them, and women notice it. If they don't approach me, then a lot of them start whispering about me (quite a few have admitted this), or they are very easy for me to talk to and pick-up should I approach them.

So how impactful can dressing your best during the day be? For a moment, think about a hot girl that you see in a nightclub. Sure, she might catch your attention, but she's usually not the only hot girl around, and doesn't have all of your attention. Your attention is divided between the various hot women in that nightclub that are wearing tight clothes, and have their hair & make-up done as well. Now think about when you see a hot girl with her hair & make-up done, and wearing some of her best clothing during the day. Your attention is on her like a laser and you struggle to hold up your jaw. Why? Because women usually don't dress that way during the day.

The good news is that women are just like men in that regard. They see a guy in a bar that's dressed his best, and they don't pay him too much attention because there are a lot of guys dressed their best, and thus it's not as impactful. However, among a bunch of guys that are dressed like dirt, most likely in day time situations, that very same guy begins to look like a diamond to women. When you go out during the day, don't just dress casually; dress to kill like you are on your way to a nightclub, and you will clean up with women. This is one of those small things that you can do that will feel like you've doubled your level of attractiveness with women.