Swiftlock Laminate Flooring

Looking to do some home renovations. Investing in new flooring is one of the quickest and best ways to improve the look, feel and value of your home or cabin. Swiftlock laminate flooring offers a great alternative that looks fantastic and is durable which is exactly what most homes require. It is a great choice for your home, vacation property or office and it comes in a wide selection of wood finishes. One of the advantages of Swiftlock laminate flooring is that is can be installed on top of most existing surfaces including tile, concrete, vinyl and of course the sub floor.
Traditional hardwood floors are nailed to the sub floor which keeps the boards in place. Swiftlock laminate flooring like some others uses a floating home flooring technique which means that the boards are not nailed or screwed to the sub floor. When laying the boards, it is quick and easy as the boards simply lock together. There is no nailing or gluing to worry about. Just leave space along the outsides to allow for expansion and contraction with temperature and humidity changes.
Swiftlock laminate flooring is great for any room in your home including the bathroom. Installation techniques are a bit different if you choose to lay it in the bathroom. In this case, it is suggested that a thin bead of flooring glue is run on the top of the tongue to ensure the boards remain in place due to the higher humidity content and to protect against water spills. Other than that, installation in other rooms is quick and easy and many people are able to do it themselves over a weekend.
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